Book Club

This semester, our student leader spearheaded a book club! Over break, she announced our first book would be Room by Emma Donoghue. Last night we were finally able to meet over a tray of macaroni and cheese from Acme and discuss the book. Here is Kristen’s review of the book and the night:

Room opens up to the reader slowly. Rather than introduce the reader to a situation outright, the author, Emma Donoghue, instead introduces you to the young boy who is narrating his story. His name is Jack, and he is celebrating his 5th birthday in the only home and room he has ever known. As his story progresses the reader is informed of things that Jack does not realize. He reveals parts of his life that he assumes are normal, but the reader knows these situations actually threaten his and his mothers’ lives. His voice is what gives this novel its unique perspective, and I can say that I have never read another book like this.

Going into anymore detail could potentially ruin the outcome for readers still perusing Room’s pages. But I can say that book club was a success. We had a lively discussion, mostly thanks to Norman Mallard, a graphic designer who we were lucky enough to coerce into reading this novel with us. We discussed everything from symbolism to our own ideas of childhood lost.

Room is much more than just a novel about a young boy’s story of capture and freedom. It also tells of a mother’s grace and unyielding love. Everything about this novel was truly unique, from the perspective it was told to the situation the characters found themselves in. I found myself unable to put it down and I would not be surprised if you felt the same way.


One Comment to “Book Club”

  1. I wish I could join a book club and be able to take points from different book lovers like me. Plus, I’ll be able to discover books that are worth the read. These types of events enable you to widen your horizons and imagination.

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